George Soros is for the Greater Good

George Soros is a pre-eminent philanthropist in Europe, well known globally for remarkable contribution to social, economic and political international affairs. He is also an author of several books, through which, he expresses great opinions over various matters. Soros recently cautioned Europe about a drop in the value of currency. He predicts that the economy of Europe is at stake.

Soros supports the US

Beck is a famous political commentator in the US. He has recently made false claims about George Soros running a shadow government. Beck falsely accuses Soros of wanting to overthrow the American administration. He argued that Soros’ temporary absence was a time buyer for Soros to organize on how to reverse the state. These are all false claims because, by reviewing Soros’ work up to now, it only reveals how he has considerably supported democracy, especially through his company; the Open Society Foundations. Beck’s accusations are poison to the US because he incites fans that listen to him through radio and watch him on television. Meaning that; his audience gets corrupted by these awful and uncertain claims.

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Soros cannot be an Anti-Semitic

Beck continues to tarnish Soros’ name by accusing him of being anti-Semitic. Beck portrays Soros as a Nazi tool for not being among the six million Jews slaughtered in Hungary. First of all, Soros is a Jew; therefore, it’s unreasonable that Beck accuses him of turning on his own. Second, Soros is a survivor of the Holocaust in Hungary. Even his Hungarian parents were slaughtered by the Nazi’s and his parents got captured by communists. The audacity of calling Soros an anti-Semitic is despicable.

Accusing Soros of being anti-Semitic is awful, and it leaves one wondering, whether Beck is the anti-Semitic one, given that he severally mentions Hitler. Soros also played a significant role in terminating communism. His work in Budapest confirms his great contribution to the Jewish community, having started Open Society Foundations there. Through the Open Society, Soros brought Xerox machines to Budapest, which helped the people to have access to information. The Open Society grew and became a huge success; in fact, it surpassed boundaries and is now all over the Soviet Union.

Soros did not embezzle any lands

George Soros Ukraine was a young boy at the time of the Holocaust. He, therefore, needed a guardian to watch over him as he grew up. At the age of 14, Soros became the messenger of the Jewish Council. The council consisted of some elders from Budapest who were trying to ensure the survival of the Jews. The council considered that to be spared by Germans; they had to follow their every command. Soros, as young as he was preferred they use resistance instead. Soros’ Christian protector got issued land which belonged to a Jew that escaped Hungary. Soros would go there to wander around riding his horse. Beck’s accusations about Soros embezzling property are awful and unrealistic. Such charges demand proof, which Beck does not have. George Soros shows nobility by his lack of interest in wanting to get back at his rivals. He has had worse from people and in fact more than Beck.

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As thousands of students across the nation troop back to college this month, numerous statistical researchers abound. Skout has just conducted a review recently to determine the country’s friendliest college towns across the US, specifically to unravel the cities where greater adult engagements are prevalent. The research report was based on a 12 months period and targeted the age bracket of 18 to 24. 2,523 Skout users took part in the study conducted in August of 2015. Before we delve in the ins and outs of the research findings, let’s discover what Skout is.
Skout is an online platform or app for that matter, expressly designed for making friends, chatting and dating. The app was founded in 2007 by Niklas Lindstrom and Christian Wiklund and later relaunched in 2009 after the owners discovered that majority of users were treating it as a dating app. Some unique features of this app include:
• Vibrant community – It has a global presence spanning more than 180 countries and a staggering 100m downloads worldwide.
• The app can be retrieved in different languages; 14 to be precise. It’ also designed in such a way that downloads are sustained on various operating systems including Android, iOS, and other window devices.
Now back to the topic at hand. The research findings were rather interesting. The following list indicates the top ten friendliest college towns in America according to Skout:
1) Madison, Wisconsin.
2) Los Angeles, California.
3) New York City.
4) Ann Arbor, Michigan.
5) Chicago, Illinois.
6) San Francisco, California.
7) Boulder, Colorado.
8) Phoenix, Arizona.
9) Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
10) Dallas, Texas.
• The research further indicated that The American College town, sometimes referred to as Boston College came in at 12th. Boston College town boasts of over 100 universities and colleges.
• A further statistic indicated that the friendliest college-age guys went to Boulder, Colorado while the women category was snapped up by Madison, Wisconsin.
• Loss Angeles topped regarding the most generous college-age adults.
• The rate of gift sharing among all the college-age adults was more pronounced in Los Angeles outsmarting Miami, Dallas, Chicago and Boston altogether.
Christian Wiklund, one of the founders and CEO of Skout was thrilled with the research findings and congratulated Madison, Wisconsin skouters for bagging the glamorous award. An expanded version of the results of the study by Skout can be seen below:
Regarding making comrades in college or high school, the response was rather interesting
• 57% favored college as opposed to high school
• A rather shocking statistic showed that 59% of students in college are especially worried about establishing new friendships in their first year.
• On the contrary, 72% of college students confessed that they made new friends within a week of their first year in college.
The question about the best place to meet new friends in college also popped up
• 72% were for classroom as the best place to meet new friends
• 42% went to parties
• 39% were of the opinion that they met their new friends during orientation.
• 34% favored online forums
• Other said dorms (36%), Library represented 25%, the cafeteria was 35%, and teams represented 28%.
Another notable research finding showed that most students considered their roommates as friends. That was surprisingly 73% of those interviewed. 61% responded that females are more friendly than their males counterparts, and 37% said they arrived in college barely knowing anyone.

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How to Deal with Haters Attacking Your Reputation

Most business owners understand how difficult it is to establish a name that becomes both recognizable and well-respected. Once this is achieved it helps to bring in additional profits and additional satisfied customers.


But, what happens when just one disgruntled customer decides to spread negative rumors about your business? This can be done in many ways including the Internet, word-of-mouth, newsletters, and so forth. A business owner must be prepared to deal with these situations. One solution to handle negative comments is to contact Here you will find ways to clean up the nasty messages, negative comments, and so forth which might result in damaging your business. offers a number of solutions to help clean up bad reviews online. For example: it is suggested that you do not get into a “mud fight” with your nay-sayers. Our gut instinct is usually to fight back when we become angry and/or hurt. This is not a good choice to make as it makes you, and your business, look unprofessional. Instead, it is better to let your numerous, happy customers spread the positive word.


You will also learn that you need to assure your loyal customer base that your business will continue as usual. Oftentimes, when customers hear and read negative comments they fear the business will close. Therefore, it is important for you to assure these customers that you are open and intend to remain open. You might consider offering bonuses, or some type of reward to the customers who stay with you. Another situation is the unhappy employee who tries to spread negative thoughts about your business. Again, working with your customers, reinforcing your determination to remain open, and offering them some type of reward for staying with you will often help.


You might ask your customers to help you by offering your business star ratings. This request is often seen as a positive step by your customers and they are willing to help you. Finally, always stay focused on ‘why.’ You always want to ask yourself, particularly in difficult times, why you started your business and why you intend to continue your successful business.
Negative publicity is difficult for a business owner. It is not only costly in dollars but it can also be very painful for the dedicated business owner. If you need additional help with removing negative articles, please visit:

Whistleblower Protection Program By US Congress

SEC whistleblower Advocate is an initiative that was conceived out of the breaking of silence by many people in all walks of life to report various securities violations to the Securities and Exchange Commission. This ultimate aim of the program was to protect whistleblowers that were keen on exposing the rot in the financial sectors.

The program was as a result of 2010 congress passing legislation and subsequently, the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act was enacted. The Dodd-Frank Act had among its key reforms was a provision of the establishment of a new whistleblower program that would provide financial incentives and employment protections to individuals who report violations of the federal securities laws to the commission mandated to handle such matters called the Securities Exchange Commission.

As a result of the passing of that legislation, Labaton Sucharow became the first law firm in the US to establish a practice that exclusively focuses on protecting and advocacy for the Securities Exchange Commission. The law firm has emerged to be the best and the leading in the market that provides securities litigation platform to whistleblowers.

The firm boost of having a world class team that has quite a lot of experience in the field which includes financial analysts, investigators, together with forensic accountants. The team has got experience with state and federal law enforcement thus providing the best and quality representations to the whistleblowers. The person heading that division of practice is called Jordan A. Thomas. He brings quite an array of experience to the firm having previously worked as the Assistant Chief Litigation Counsel together with being the Assistant Director at the Securities and Exchange Commission in the Enforcement division.

His tenure at the SEC saw him contribute a lot to the development of the whistleblower program providing the required leadership throughout the process of development of the program. He participated in the drafting of the legislation and the ultimate production of the final draft together with the formulation of rules for the implementation of the program.

In the rules that were developed and are contained in the program, whistleblowers are entitled to payment of 10-30% of the monetary sanctions collected as a result of enforcements that became a success by SEC that the particular sanctions exceeded $ 1 million. The Act also prohibits the employees working with the whistleblower from launching retaliation acts. It is also provided that anonymous whistleblowers can report violations to SEC so long as they are represented by an advocate.

Goettl Air Conditioning Returns to Las Vegas

According to a news article in 12 News Now, in a sign of returning prosperity, former HVAC icon Goettl Air Conditioning has returned to Las Vegas and Henderson, and a native from Las Vegas brought it.

Gust and Adam Goettl started the company up in 1939, and they brought it Las Vegas in 1968. Because of the recession, it left Nevada to focus on the market in Phoenix Arizona.

However, during the forty years it served Las Vegas, one of its service technicians was Kenneth D. Goodrich’s father. When he was ten years old and growing up in Vegas, Goodrich remembers, he often went out on evening service calls with his father, holding the flashlight so his father could see. The boy enjoyed bonding with his father while helping out the customers, and vividly remembers the two things his father repeated:

When a customer needs help, you respond immediately.

Nothing comes close to the Goettl Iron Horse.

Goodrich grew up in the HVAC industry. When the opportunity arose to buy the Goettl Air Conditioning company in 2013, he jumped on it. “My dad believed in Goettl Air Conditioners, so I bought the company.” Now he is CEO.

At that time, the company was operating just in Arizona. However, still the hometown Las Vegas boy, he brought the Goettl name back to his hometown. And that’s good news for local HVAC technicians, because Goettl Air Conditioning plans on hiring 50 technicians in 2016, and 200 more in the two years following that.

Goodrich also said he planned on hiring veterans, and he didn’t want to just create jobs, but successful careers in the HVAC industry. Therefore, he emphasis training and continuing education. Goettl technicians learn something new every day.

Inspired by his father, Goodrich has already created the J. Duncan Goodrich Air Conditioning Technology endowment fund. It goes along with his own Kenneth D. Goodrich CSN Post-9/11 Veteran HVAC scholarship fund. Nick Hughes, graduating in May, is the most recent recipient of this scholarship for veterans wishing a career in HVAC.

As for Goodrich, his teacher was his father, and he learned on a Goettl machine. Now Goodrich wants his service technicians to have the training required to live up to the company motto, “Get it done right, the first time.”

Kyle Bass Has Not Given Good Advice To His Fans

Kyle Bass is one of the most visible people on TV shows and radio talking about the economy, but he is still one of the worst people in his field for advice. He is dining off the fact that he was able to predict the loss of value in US loans, and but he is not helping people make any more money today than they had in the past. He has been negligent when it comes to the people who listen to him and trust him, and he has shown that he is not out for the common man.

The advice that Kyle Bass has been giving keeps changing based on what he thinks he can get the most out of today. He once said that the US and China economies would fall apart, and now it is not even halfway through the year and he is saying that the recession will be minor. He has an opinion on everything, and he is not consistent in his opinions at all. Someone who wants to invest based on the advice of Kyle Bass will probably end up losing a lot of money, and that means that they will have to start all over with their investments.

Investing with people is very hard to do, and it means that the people who listen to Kyle Bass are in a bad position because they are not getting any advice that would make their lives easier. They are only learning that they would have to be very careful with their money, and they might not be able to pull their money out before it is all lost. The common investor who is listening to Kyle Bass is doomed to losses every year until they realize that he is not very good at his job at all.

There are people who are watching and listening to Kyle Bass as much as they can because they think that he is very honest. The reality is that he will say anything to stay in the spotlight, and he will keep doing this until he no longer has any money left. His hedge fund could fall apart at any minute, and he is still out there trying to be famous for something that he predicted eight years ago and the country has recovered from. His track record does not engender any confidence in people who know the economy.  Read more on the story at the following link:

Financial Professional Brad Reifler Explains the Truth Surrounding the New Film “Money Monster”

Lee Gates is a Wall Street expert who is known to pick hot stocks as a television show host known as Money Monster. Abruptly, when Lee was still on the air, a discontented investor Kyle Budwell enters onto the set and takes Lee, the hostage. He narrates that he has lost everything due to the guidelines given by Lee. As Lee Gates struggles to implore with the investor, he is as well making use of an earpiece to be in touch with his longtime producer in the control area. Clooney and Lee attempt to protect themselves from being blown-up all the time trying to expose the truth behind this twisted web of deception.

Even though being a fictional film, Money Monster, reveals some truth concerning the wall street and the shortcomings that are faced by the startup investors. Unluckily, wall street concentrates mainly on wealthy qualified investors, and offers them with the capability to invest in assured opportunities constrained from investors who are not accredited. Brad Reifler is the president of Forefront Capital and has been concentrating in assisting the rich to get richer; he has diverted his focus to the Middle America, making it his duty to give the 99% with the equal investment prospects as the 1 %.

Three main problems faced small investors as explained by Bradley Reifle


This is one of the biggest problems on Wall Street, and the majority of companies ask for hushed sums of money as fees in spite of the performance of their portfolio. It implies that the brokers are getting wealthy in spite of the success of their customers; which is not right.

Access to investment

In the recent years, investors are not accredited have been restricted to what investment they are permitted to take part in. certified investors are said to be sharper by the government and therefore they have the capability of investing in hedge funds, private equity and various private funds.

Stock market hazards

Because of the restricted investment opportunities imposed on non-certified investors, majority of the investments that are invested by non-accredited are mostly allied to the stock exchange.

With several years of experience as an investor and a capitalist, Brad Reifler has experienced achievement with many firms that are based in the U.S. after utilizing his early years working his way to success; he has now established Front Capital LLC effectively.

His specialized independent profession began in the 1980s the moment he established Reifler Trading Company. The company handled hundred million dollars in unlimited accounts and later on the company developed to information dissemination, institutional research, execution facilities, and international derivative advisory.  Follow Brad on Twitter for more.

Brian Torchin Helps Everyone Get Better Medical Jobs

Better medical jobs are out there for everyone who wants them, but it is hard to find them without the help from a professional like Brian Torchin. Brian Torchin works with HCRC to help people get placed at the right jobs, but he spend a lot of his time on a great blog that provides information for everyone who needs it. That means that he is collecting data on a daily basis to help people find the kinds of jobs they want, and he is helping these people put that information to good use.

The information that Brian Torchin has is going to help people make sure that they can go out to get the job that they are most likely to get. There are a lot of people who are applying in the wrong places, but they can change all their fortunes when they are working with Brian Torchin. He will send them to the right places, and he will help them get ready for interviews. indicates that he reads over resumes when he needs to, and he reads over interview questions to make sure he can help people give the right answers. He is trying to make sure that he is going to have the right information for every person, and he will be sure that he is going to help everyone get the best job.

Someone looking for a job should just go to Brian Torchin and start asking questions. He makes sure everyone really feels comfortable before their next interview.

Job placement is possible for everyone who works with Brian Torchin, and he will place people or get them ready for interviews he scheduled. He can also help people with the jobs that they are going out for soon. He can answer questions and tell people that they can do certain things to get these jobs, and he can also help people by making sure that they are going to have the right information for every job. He places people in the jobs that they are most likely to get, and Brian Torchin does it with hard facts.

Sanjay Shah And His Flagship Business Solo Capital

Sanjay Shah is an ordinary man with an extraordinary drive. He has a heart for many charities and has even founded one to aid with research and support of autism. Mr. Shah is a serial entrepreneur, owning more than 13 businesses in London England. His flagship business is Solo Capital. A trusted and reliable individual he has earned the confidence of investors around the world.

Mr. Shah is a self proclaimed retiree. He commenced his career in medicine, and when it was not to his liking he switched to accounting. This soon led to his appointment with a leading investment banking firm in London. Financial crisis hit and is job was downsized. Shah did not despiar he simply started his own financial firm (Solo Capital).

Solo Capital has grown from about 4 people to over 20. He has competent individuals working in the firm that have experience and educational backgrounds that can hurdle many different financial demands and needs.

Solo Capital concentrates its main objectives in the areas of consulting, trading and sports investments. While they have the ability to venture into other areas, these are where they excel. The staff is well versed in their specialities and can offer inventive means to reach a clients’ final financial objectives.

Shah has also founded his own charity. This is called Autism Rocks. As the name indicates this charity works to disperse information about autism. They also work hard to raise funds for autism research. The charity has a yearly concert where top names in the music business perform to help with money needed for autism research.

Mr. Shah started the charity after his own son was diagnosed with the condition. He realized that while he had given many donations to help people with this disease, he really knew very little about it. Since starting the charity Mr. Shah has become a very visible voice in trying to find a cure for the disease.

Solo Capital has also brought many dollars for donation to the cause. It is hoped that someday soon a cure can be found for autism. Until then people like Sanjay Shah will continue to work to lessen the stigmatism of the disease.


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How Stay Clean When Others Throw Mud at Your Business with Search Cleanup

Having a good reputation is essential when attempting to attain business success.

There aren’t many investors or financial money managers who are willing to fork over money to a entrepreneur or a business with a poor reputation. These individuals and companies may be just as likely to go under as opposed to providing a profitable return.

So guarding one’s professional reputation is a paramount requirement in the business world. That is especially the case in today’s negative climate where opposing businesses try to attack and smear others’ reputations. Whether it is jealousy or plain greed, sooner or later people will try to harm your good name.

As dictated by contributor Kimanzi Constable, big keys are to avoiding falling into the back-and-forth political name-calling game. Instead, maintaining professional composure allows you to stake the higher moral ground.

Also, assure your customers that business isn’t going to change because of these attacks. Things will remain stable and continue as have before. This should ease your clients’ concerns about unexpected change. Instead, switch the narrative by offering more services and providing better value to show that you mean business. Make sure you stay focused on doing what is best for business.

That doesn’t mean completely ignoring these attacks. Drum up support from your friends and allies and get positive reviews about your business to counteract these negative charges.

The last part may sound simple, but some may have difficulty finding such help. One such way is by utilizing an online professional clean-up service such as (found at provides an alternative to help you protect your personal reputation. You need positive help that can limit negative damage and clean-up services do that for you. is a site run by online searchers that can help eliminate bad search results attached to your name or your business. They can provide a free estimate before helping get rid of issues that could have negative consequences for your life, whether in business or at home.