short sale process

Foreclosure Alternatives: How a Short Sale Could be the Best Option

We all know times could be tough financially and some unforeseen situations may arise that would keep you from paying your mortgage payments. Here are a few mortgage tips that will help you stay away from a foreclosure. Speak with your lender right away about foreclosure alternatives such as short sale options. What is a […]

first time home buyer

Mortgage Tips for First Time Home Buyers

Is the proposition of buying your first home a bit scary for you? It can be since it is such a big investment that locks you into a mortgage over a long period of time. Read up on some mortgage tips for first time home buyers. How Much House Can You Afford? 1. Work With a Budget How […]

credit card hacks

Money Hacks: Best Credit Card Hacks That Save You Money

Want to know how to become a credit card hacker? No, I’m not talking about becoming a member of Project Blitzkrieg and doing something illegal that could land you in the slammer. What could keep you and your plastic free of unnecessary fees and charges, though, is by becoming a master of credit card hacks. […]


AccountNow Prepaid Debit Card Review (Gold Visa Card)

Do you have bad credit? It may not be easy to get a credit card with below average credit, but there are alternatives for you. Prepaid debit cards may be your answer if you are in need of a card with no credit checks and guaranteed approval. The AccountNow Prepaid Debit Card is one of the best […]

making money

What is Money Management and How Should I Start Saving

Working towards financial independence is a difficult task, and many people struggle with it every day.  Many start the journey the financial independence once they graduate college or even high school. No one wants to live with their parents forever, right? The way to achieve financial independence is by managing your money correctly and consistently. […]

personal loans

Loans 101 – Difference Between Principal and Interest Payments

Understanding the way loans work can be difficult at times, especially if its your first loan. The balance of your loan at any given time is made up of two factors; principal and interest. The difference between principal and interest is that principal refers to the original amount of the loan, or the amount borrowed. […]


Checking Account Alternatives: What is a Prepaid Debit Card?

Are you paying to keep your money in your banks checking account? Today, it is hard to find a bank that will allow you to place your money in their vaults for free. Some banks allow you to have free checking if you maintain a certain balance such as $1500 or have direct deposit. If […]

financial literacy

Teaching Kids About Money

April is deemed financial literacy month in an effort to teach good financial habits and establish the importance of financial literacy. Teaching kids about money at a young age is important so they can be led down a successful financial path. There are many ways to teach money lessons to kids, the hard part is […]


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