How to Deal with Millennials with Josh Verne

The largest group of consumer in today’s market is the Millennials. Due to this, many brands are working day and night to get a share of this market. This is a market that has people with over $200 billion to spend. Other than this, firms are focusing on this niche as there is the probability of developing early loyalty. These are customers that will buy their products even 20 years after their first purchase. It’s important to realize that most of the college-aged consumers have never bought products again. It’s their first time, and this makes the firms very cautious as brand affinity and sentimentality goes a long way in building a long lasting relationship with the client.

Millennials are not the easiest to deal with as they have a lot of expectations. It’s therefore, important for every firm to know what Millennials look for in brands as well as how to speak a language that the Millennials understand. Some industries such as those dealing with consumer products have an easy time understanding what Millennials want. However, other companies such as Manufacturing and fulfillment have a difficult time dealing with Millennials.

Brian Sutter is an expert in dealing with Millennials and says that Millennials are Savvy to traditional advertising as well as marketing. He says that Millennials have an ability to realize when they are being sold to. Also, Brian says that this group has a language that is continuously changing and they have established a culture that is very difficult to penetrate. Brands, therefore, have to change with the changing trends. They can only achieve this by establishing a smart and robust strategy when it comes to speaking with the Millennials.

This culture of a product being hot today and cold tomorrow led to the establishment of the FlockU. This is a company that allows you to make your point known while the message is still hot. FlockU was established in the year 2016 and has since then gained over 700,000 followers. It also has a 4 million web hits for the content that the company offers.

Josh Verne is currently the CEO and founder of FlockU. He has over 20 years of experience in entrepreneurship and commerce. He founded this platform to enable the sharing of content where people can read, share and watch all kind of content.
Before this venture, Josh Verne ( was known as the founder and CEO of He also served as the president of Home Line Furniture for 16 years. This was a family business that has its headquarters in Philadelphia. He served here from June 1995 to 2011.

Did Norka Luque Always Want to be a Singer?

When she was young, Norka Luque took singing lessons. She also took piano lessons and her parents made sure that she had every opportunity possible to be a singer because they knew that it was something that she was good at. While Norka did enjoy singing, she never thought that it would be something that she could make a career out of. She never would have dreamed of the success that she has had since she has been singing because of the way that she has done things and because of the people who she has influenced during her career.

It was not always the path that she had laid out for herself. Norka went to business school as soon as she was able to. This was something that she thought would be a smart career move and something that motivated her to go into a “real” field. She did not have much creative opportunity during this and she often felt like she was being stifled once she entered the workforce. While she was successful in the most basic meaning, she was not thriving and was not enjoying the work that she did while she was working in business.

Norka thought that a career in the culinary arts would satisfy her creative need. She, again, enrolled in school and began working toward a career in food. She wanted to be a chef and knew that this was something that she could do since she lived in France. It did not work out, though, because she was not able to be as creative as what she truly wanted to be and she had to study under other people. She wanted to be her own person and cooking did not give her that opportunity even though she had originally thought that it would.

While Norka was plotting her next career move, a foray into fashion, she stumbled upon an opportunity. A local band had heard her singing and knew that they wanted her to be in their group. They asked her to join and, with a leap of faith, she said yes. This was the first time that she thought she could be a professional entertainer and it paid off. After working with the band for several years, she had the opportunity to go solo. She took that opportunity, began performing on her own and never looked back at the other careers she had.


How InnovaCare Health Is Planning To Boost Performance And Accelerate Growth

InnovaCare Health has for many years served the Puerto Rico region offering Medicaid and Medicare as well as physician practice services. The company grew from a basic level to a highly competitive entity that has now taken over the region with their efficient and cost-effective services. The growth InnovaCare Health has experienced over the years has come from immense dedication and intelligence from the leadership that has been in place, which has ensured all services offered to customers are efficient and the network connecting systems is boosted through regular updates.

The recent changes InnovaCare Health is planning to execute will further boost the performance of the company and create a better stage for the attainment of a top status. The first phase of the process was the acquisition of modern equipment, something the company achieved quite successfully. With new technology, service delivery has improved, thereby boosting the preference of InnovaCare Health services among customers.

Most importantly, InnovaCare Health has brought in new executives, who have held major positions. The first expert to get an appointment was Jonathan Meyers, a dedicated actuary who has worked on projects ranging from Medicare and Medicaid to private actuarial roles in leading companies. Meyers has amassed a wealth of experience for more than 20 years and the fact he is working with InnovaCare Health promises a great future for the company.

He advises the management on a number of issues that are vital in the management of healthcare services and he is confident the goals set to be accomplished are possible and easy to reach on The second professional to be appointed into a position at InnovaCare is Mike Sortino, who came in to work as the chief accounting officer. He is an intelligent professional with skills in financial matters, having worked in the industry for over 15 years.

InnovaCare Health Management
The management that has been controlling affairs at InnovaCare is also worth praising for the achievements the company has made. These are professionals with a great deal of experience and skills that few in the industry can match. Before becoming the CEO of InnovaCare Health, Dr. Rick Shinto worked with several leading healthcare companies.

He is a clinical scientist by profession and he has drafted several articles and journals in the same area. He gets support from Penelope Kokkinides, a focused leader whose office of Administration has contributed to the reshuffle of different sections of the company to enhance performance.

How FreedomPop Members Can Access Amazing Services For Less

FreedomPop is a new service that is offering users a chance to enjoy great services for less than any other company can offer. Most people who use the internet and call services find it annoying to get disconnected when they need connection the most. In many cases, one is forced to spend a lot to access basic services that should be offered at affordable rates. This is what FreedomPop is trying to debunk and allow users of cell phones enjoy their moments without unnecessary disruptions that come in the form of disconnections.

Basically, FreedomPop is offering services that every user needs and is designed to cater for the needs of different categories of people. The company, through their internet service, is offering users offers that last up to months and there are no expensive measures applied for one to access the benefits.

Those who are looking for economical options for both calls and internet should not hesitate to try out FreedomPop. The offers are not only economical but also convenient and reliable, a feature you would not find in most companies around. FreedomPop acts as a pioneer in the industry with their amazing offers that no other provider can guarantee. Below are benefits users should not miss from the company.

Free phone service
The FreedomPop free phone service extends to calls and messaging together with internet offers. The service allows users to get 500MB of data (4G) and 200 minutes for voice calls. This package also comes with unlimited texting and one of the best things about the offer is that no contracts are required for users to enjoy the service. Therefore, users expect smooth access with no cancellation fees throughout the month. This is a great service and no other company has offered a better offer in this category.

Wi-Fi Calling option
Instead of using cell towers to make mobile calls, this FreedomPop plan allows the user to connect using over 10 million Wi-Fi hotspots in the country. This service allows the user to enjoy text, voice and data through the Wi-Fi networks available across the country. For people who live in big cities, this option is ideal and allows them to maximize their use of the service.

All these options are affordable and designed to cater for the needs of the average user without getting disconnected along the way. The only instance where one could lose connection is when consumption is heavy.

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Eric Pulier – A Role Model for Modern Entrepreneurs

Eric Pulier is among those rare class of entrepreneurs who have build companies based on the belief that the primary purpose of a company is to serve its shareholders. Believing in the humanitarian cause, Eric has helped form world-class organizations that continue to assist individuals across the globe.

In fact, Eric was different from others since his childhood. For instance, he programmed his first computer when he was in the fourth grade and started a database computer company, in high school. At Harvard, he broadened his knowledge by acquiring degrees in English and Literature.

Professional Career

After graduation, he founded, People Doing Things, a technology company, which helped address important healthcare and educational issues of the day. Just three years later, in 1994, he also founded Digital Evolution. Still, his most inspiring contributions is Starbright World. It is a private social network that helps children with chronic illness to chat, share ideas and communicate with each others. It is also notable that Eric Pulier also devised the first multimedia educational program for children with Multiple Sclerosis. Actually, he pioneered the idea of using the home computer to teach children about Multiple Sclerosis. Using an innovative device, users without sufficient motor control could answer questions and quizzes to learn about their condition.

Global Initiatives

In 2010, Eric was also honored by US Doctors for Africa where he was bestowed with gratitude and honors for bringing technical innovation to serve the healthcare needs of people living in Africa. In fact, Eric’s interest in healthcare also allowed him to oversee Presidential Technology Exhibition in Washington D.C, “The Bridge to 21st Century”. During the time, he also served as Senior Domestic Policy Advisor to the Vice President, Al Gore. Today, Eric actively participates in campaigns such as Clinton Global Initiative.

Recent Interests

Seeking his innovate ideas to combat important social problems, the board at the prestigious X-Prize Foundation asked him to advise on matter related to innovation. It is notable that X-Prize Foundation seeks to find solutions to some of the greatest challenges to humanity. Besides, Eric Pulier is also very active in serving Painted Turtle, a camp for kids with chronic illness.
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Finding One’s Own Passion For Success

People that want to be success will have their best chance when they find something that they are passionate about. While it is possible for one to make money off of what he is not passionate about, running his own business is a lot harder if he is not passionate about something. For one thing, running a business is a completely different beast from working a regular job. It takes a lot more work to start making money with one’s own business as opposed to working in some office. It also takes a bit longer for someone to start to see rewards for what he is doing.

Josh Verne understands the importance of passion. With all the businesses that he has run, he has based them around something that he is passionate about. His passion has not only pushed him through the dry periods, he has also gotten other curious as to why he is so passionate about what he is doing. Then they check out the company. As a result, he gains a lot of income for the business. Verne then has enough to support himself, others and is able to expand his business. For one thing, passion is something that makes a person want to start early and work late. This will also make life very exciting.

One very large aspect about running one’s own business is marketing. It is very hard to market something that one is not passionate about. This is why he has to have the energy and the joy that comes with marketing a good product. He can examine all the good points of the product and describe them so the audience will be willing to give the product that is being promoted a shot. If one is excited about what he is promoting, it will show.

This is not to say that passion necessitate success. There are plenty of people who are passionate that are unsuccessful. However, a vast majority of people that are successful are passionate about what they do. They have did everything that they can to bring about a successful business and as a result, they have succeeded. There are also people that are in between success and failure. They are passionate about what they do and yet they are making a little more than enough to support themselves. However, they would consider themselves successful. In the end, success is defined by the individual.