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financial new years resolution

Financial Resolutions: How to Save Money in the New Year

When it comes to New Year’s resolutions, one of the most common is to get in shape and lose weight. For many people it implies taking better care of their body, but for just as many others, “getting in shape” means taking better care of their finances. Both goals are intensely challenging, and both are notorious [...]

Budgeting as a Freelancer

How to Freelance and Budget on an Unpredictable Income

With a freelancer lifestyle, at one point you can be rolling in the dough while the next minute you may be rolling your eyes at the most recent excuse for a delayed check payment. Knowing and accepting this uncertainty is the key. By reviewing all the points comprising your financial health, you will have a [...]

making money

What is Money Management and How Should I Start Saving

Working towards financial independence is a difficult task, and many people struggle with it every day.  Many start the journey the financial independence once they graduate college or even high school. No one wants to live with their parents forever, right? The way to achieve financial independence is by managing your money correctly and consistently. [...]

Easy Ways to Save Money

25 Easy Ways to Save Money in 2013

Saving money now is essential for your future financial stability. There are thousands of easy ways to save money, but these 25 are what I practice in my everyday life. 25 Easy Ways to Save Money in 2013 Making your own lunch every day will save you at least $200 a month! Brew your own coffee [...]

Understanding Moving Insurance

Protect Your Move – Understanding Moving Insurance

When you are going to move from one location to another, there are many things that must be considered and planned for. One of the most important is to understand moving insurance. Unfortunately, most people who move do not research the kinds of insurance coverage that are available for moving. If you haven’t thought about [...]

save money hiring a lawyer

How to Save Money When Hiring a Lawyer

Since there are many lawyers available all over the world, hiring the best lawyer requires a lot of thought and consideration. Hiring a credible and a reliable lawyer while avoiding the unnecessary expenditures can be very difficult, especially for first timers. Here are some important tips on how to save money when hiring a lawyer. [...]

Teaching Kids about Money

Financial Literacy Month 2013: Teaching Kids About Money

April is deemed financial literacy month in an effort to teach good financial habits and establish the importance of financial literacy. Teaching kids about money at a young age is important so they can be led down a successful financial path. There are many ways to teach money lessons to kids, the hard part is [...]

Pay Yourself First

How to Automate Your Finances and Pay Yourself First

There are many ways to save money, but only one stands out to me the most.  That is the concept of “pay yourself first“. If you have a hard time saving money, forcing yourself to save is the only way to build your savings account. What is Pay Yourself First? Paying yourself first is the first step in [...]

capital one quicksilver card

Capital One Quicksilver Cash Back Credit Card Review

Rewards credit cards have been growing in popularity over the years and rightfully so.  There is pretty much a rewards credit card for everything, such as gas, travel, groceries, and retail which usually give you points, or cash back. I’m sure everyone has seen the Jimmy Fallon commercials with the cute kid saying he doesn’t [...]


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