Bustle Rides the No-poo Wave with Wen by Chaz

It’s everywhere by now, the once thought to be far-fetched trend that sings the praises of ditching your shampoo and using only conditioners to cleanse your hair. From morning news broadcast sets to the audiences of daytime television doctors, everyone has heard about the purported benefits of healthier looking hair by doing away with harmful shampoos.

The latest news outlet to report on the trend has put one of its beauty bloggers to the test to find out the truth about the co-washing phenomenon sweeping across the beauty blogosphere. Bustle’s very own Emily McClure decided to test the hype and give co-washing a go.

There are plenty of co-washing cleansers on the market at the moment, all claiming to leave hair more manageable, shinier, and of course healthier so it can be difficult to decide which products is best for your individual hair type. Bustle blogger, Emily McClure, opted for using the co-washing cleanser making the most buzz these days, Wen by Chaz. Created by stylist to the stars and famed owner of one the more exclusive salons in a town built upon exclusivity, Chaz Dean. The world famous stylist initially only let his co-washing cleanser be used by the A-list clients who trusted him to improve their looks but has taken the exclusive trade secrets to market and made his famous formula available for everyone.

Order the products online directly from the Wen website.

The Final Word

After trying Wen by Chaz Dean (http://chazdean.com/) for one week straight in place of her normal shampoo, the beauty blogger noticed a definitive change in the way her hair felt, looked, and was managed. The start of the week was a learning experience for the first time user after all the tweaks were sorted, the Facebook popular beauty blogger was able to give her approval of the product.

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