As thousands of students across the nation troop back to college this month, numerous statistical researchers abound. Skout has just conducted a review recently to determine the country’s friendliest college towns across the US, specifically to unravel the cities where greater adult engagements are prevalent. The research report was based on a 12 months period and targeted the age bracket of 18 to 24. 2,523 Skout users took part in the study conducted in August of 2015. Before we delve in the ins and outs of the research findings, let’s discover what Skout is.
Skout is an online platform or app for that matter, expressly designed for making friends, chatting and dating. The app was founded in 2007 by Niklas Lindstrom and Christian Wiklund and later relaunched in 2009 after the owners discovered that majority of users were treating it as a dating app. Some unique features of this app include:
• Vibrant community – It has a global presence spanning more than 180 countries and a staggering 100m downloads worldwide.
• The app can be retrieved in different languages; 14 to be precise. It’ also designed in such a way that downloads are sustained on various operating systems including Android, iOS, and other window devices.
Now back to the topic at hand. The research findings were rather interesting. The following list indicates the top ten friendliest college towns in America according to Skout:
1) Madison, Wisconsin.
2) Los Angeles, California.
3) New York City.
4) Ann Arbor, Michigan.
5) Chicago, Illinois.
6) San Francisco, California.
7) Boulder, Colorado.
8) Phoenix, Arizona.
9) Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
10) Dallas, Texas.
• The research further indicated that The American College town, sometimes referred to as Boston College came in at 12th. Boston College town boasts of over 100 universities and colleges.
• A further statistic indicated that the friendliest college-age guys went to Boulder, Colorado while the women category was snapped up by Madison, Wisconsin.
• Loss Angeles topped regarding the most generous college-age adults.
• The rate of gift sharing among all the college-age adults was more pronounced in Los Angeles outsmarting Miami, Dallas, Chicago and Boston altogether.
Christian Wiklund, one of the founders and CEO of Skout was thrilled with the research findings and congratulated Madison, Wisconsin skouters for bagging the glamorous award. An expanded version of the results of the study by Skout can be seen below:
Regarding making comrades in college or high school, the response was rather interesting
• 57% favored college as opposed to high school
• A rather shocking statistic showed that 59% of students in college are especially worried about establishing new friendships in their first year.
• On the contrary, 72% of college students confessed that they made new friends within a week of their first year in college.
The question about the best place to meet new friends in college also popped up
• 72% were for classroom as the best place to meet new friends
• 42% went to parties
• 39% were of the opinion that they met their new friends during orientation.
• 34% favored online forums
• Other said dorms (36%), Library represented 25%, the cafeteria was 35%, and teams represented 28%.
Another notable research finding showed that most students considered their roommates as friends. That was surprisingly 73% of those interviewed. 61% responded that females are more friendly than their males counterparts, and 37% said they arrived in college barely knowing anyone.

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