Dallas’ Ambitous Mortgage Program

The U.S. is considered to be one of the best places in the world to live, work, and play. High paying jobs, recreation, sports, etc. all can be found here, but America is no exception of poverty and low income. Unfortunately many people are barely making ends meet and with the country being in such a depression economically, living the American Dream is easier said than done.

One of the nation’s premier cities is stepping to the plate and making a different for some families in Dallas. Certain areas in the Southern Region of the city will actually benefit from affordable mortgage coverage. These limited access families will be a part of the Affordable Housing Loan Programand the plan is to provide over 100 loans per year over a five year time period. This is such an ambitious project to tackle, but one of Dallas’ leading banking institutions are leading the way. NexBank, a regional financial center in the Texas Area, will be joining the fight against poverty by offering well over $50 Million. Of course these funds will be used to support loan coverage which is needed to make this whole thins possible. This mortgage, investment, and commercial banking powerhouse is taking the financial strain and investing it best way possible. What other banking center would be willing to do this in such a poor economic state? This is where NexBank stands out from the crowd, but even this powerhouse is getting a helping hand to seal the deal.

Dallas Neighborhood Homes and Habitat For humanity are connecting the dots and filling the gaps with their services. Since these are first time homeowners, the non-profit organizations will provide counseling, advice, and guidance throughout the transition. Now certain families that are located in specific low income areas will get a chance to own something of their own.

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