Give Your Hair Some Shea Butter Love


Aren’t you tired of spending loads of money on yet another hair miracle in a bottle just for it to turn out to be a bust? What if I told you that it doesn’t take loads of ingredients or even lots of dollars to achieve the hair that you’ve always wanted? If you’re ready to take a more holistic approach to your hair care needs then allow me to introduce you to the power of shea butter. Known for it’s healing and moisturizing properties, shea butter is truly a one of a kind product that is all-natural and versatile in what it can do for your hair.

If you regularly use styling tools often such as curling irons, flat irons, and blow dryers, you may be putting your hair through more punishment than you realize. Even at low settings too much heat can wreak havoc on your tresses. Shea butter has low levels of SPF that can help to protect your hair from heating tools as well as sun damage.

Scalp dryness will also become a thing of the past. The vitamins, particularly vitamin E, naturally derived from shea butter can heal and even ward off conditions stemming from dry scalp and bacteria such as psoriasis and eczema.

One of the newest shea butter brands available is Eu’Genia Shea. Not only is Eu’Genia Shea one of the most high quality, organic brands of she butter that you can buy, but they also have a commitment to women that is filled with all of the good stuff that your heart can stand. Much like the powerful, locally harvested shea nuts used in each product, this is a company bursting with goodness.

Naa-Sakle Akuete, a former Wall Street analyst, owns and operates Eu’Genia Shea alongside her mother, who is also the brand’s namesake. They are committed to keeping their wages fare and providing opportunities for women workers in Ghana. 15% of Eu’Genia Shea’s profits are donated to an education fund for their workers. Talk about making sure that what’s on a woman’s head is treated with just as much care and respect as what’s inside of her head.

Lime Crime Delivers When Others Are Out Of Stock

Kylie Jenner is a trend-setting young celebrity that is one of the leading authorities on cool hair and makeup looks. Recently, she released her Lip Color Kit line: Kourt K, featuring bold colors for just 29 dollars a tube. The online store simply cannot keep stock to meet the demands of all the lipstick enthusiasts. There are special matte colors that people just can’t get their hands on. As a result, companies have begun to make what are called “dupe shades” which are close approximations of the original shades by Kylie Jenner.

Companies like Maybelline and Urban Decay feature similar shades, but aside from Kourt K, the king of bold shades is Lime Crime. Launched in 2008 by founder Doe Deere, Lime Crime blazed the trail for bright makeup. In 2009, Lime Crime debuted its line of bold lipsticks, also known as the Unicorn Line, and was the first company to make the switch from liquid to matte lip color.

Lime Crime has been available on Amazon for quite some time, and also has online stores called DollSkill and Hautelook by Nordstrom. Lime Crime is also available in real storefronts across the nation, including Urban Outfitters and Naimie’s Beauty Center. There are also several storefronts in other countries like Russia and Australia. Currently, Lime Crime offers some of the closest matches to Kourt K shades and other brands.

Tumblr showcases how Lime Crime’s Velvetine Matte Lipstick in Reddest Red perfectly compares to Jenner’s Mary Jo K Lip Kit red shade. Jenner very recently made a new shade available in a very deep, dark mix of magenta and burgundy. Currently, the name of this new shade is unknown, but it is already unattainable.  So for those that need bold, fabulous colors for their diva selves, see about Lime Crime and their fabulous options on Doe Deere’s blog.