Sanjay Shah And His Flagship Business Solo Capital

Sanjay Shah is an ordinary man with an extraordinary drive. He has a heart for many charities and has even founded one to aid with research and support of autism. Mr. Shah is a serial entrepreneur, owning more than 13 businesses in London England. His flagship business is Solo Capital. A trusted and reliable individual he has earned the confidence of investors around the world.

Mr. Shah is a self proclaimed retiree. He commenced his career in medicine, and when it was not to his liking he switched to accounting. This soon led to his appointment with a leading investment banking firm in London. Financial crisis hit and is job was downsized. Shah did not despiar he simply started his own financial firm (Solo Capital).

Solo Capital has grown from about 4 people to over 20. He has competent individuals working in the firm that have experience and educational backgrounds that can hurdle many different financial demands and needs.

Solo Capital concentrates its main objectives in the areas of consulting, trading and sports investments. While they have the ability to venture into other areas, these are where they excel. The staff is well versed in their specialities and can offer inventive means to reach a clients’ final financial objectives.

Shah has also founded his own charity. This is called Autism Rocks. As the name indicates this charity works to disperse information about autism. They also work hard to raise funds for autism research.

Mr. Shah started the charity after his own son was diagnosed with the condition. He realized that while he had given many donations to help people with this disease, he really knew very little about it. Since starting the charity Mr. Shah has become a very visible voice in trying to find a cure for the disease.

It is hoped that someday soon a cure can be found for autism. Until then people like Sanjay Shah will continue to work to lessen the stigmatism of the disease.


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The Charity Work of QNET

QNET is an international direct selling company that is known worldwide as one of the most charitable companies around. It is constantly engaging in a humanitarian effort. Its latest is helping provide a water for Siriam Nagar, a Government Primary School. During the massive project, QNET will be partnering with the Lions Club of Hyderabad in order to help give the children a ready and constant source of clean water. This project is designed to complement the extentensive Swachh Bharat Swachh Vidyalaya campaign of the government.

QNET hopes to do the same thing with other needy schools.  The company was inspired and continues to be inspired by the selfless philosophy of Mahatma Gandhi. And it can afford to be generous. QNET’s parent company, Qi Group, is a very respected member of the United Nations Global Contact Network. Girded with Qi Groups massive clout, QNET hopes to make a big difference in this sustainability initiative.

But providing sustainable and clean water to needy children is only one of its current charity projects. QNET is also currently and on a grand scale, seeking to aid the homeless and destitute around the world. One prime example is a project at Home of Hope in Bangalore where QNET is leading 200 destitute adults in a health program. We can only guess what charitable project the company will engage in next.

To learn more about the company, follow Qnet’s Twitter profile to get updates about their products and services.