How to Deal with Millennials with Josh Verne

The largest group of consumer in today’s market is the Millennials. Due to this, many brands are working day and night to get a share of this market. This is a market that has people with over $200 billion to spend. Other than this, firms are focusing on this niche as there is the probability of developing early loyalty. These are customers that will buy their products even 20 years after their first purchase. It’s important to realize that most of the college-aged consumers have never bought products again. It’s their first time, and this makes the firms very cautious as brand affinity and sentimentality goes a long way in building a long lasting relationship with the client.

Millennials are not the easiest to deal with as they have a lot of expectations. It’s therefore, important for every firm to know what Millennials look for in brands as well as how to speak a language that the Millennials understand. Some industries such as those dealing with consumer products have an easy time understanding what Millennials want. However, other companies such as Manufacturing and fulfillment have a difficult time dealing with Millennials.

Brian Sutter is an expert in dealing with Millennials and says that Millennials are Savvy to traditional advertising as well as marketing. He says that Millennials have an ability to realize when they are being sold to. Also, Brian says that this group has a language that is continuously changing and they have established a culture that is very difficult to penetrate. Brands, therefore, have to change with the changing trends. They can only achieve this by establishing a smart and robust strategy when it comes to speaking with the Millennials.

This culture of a product being hot today and cold tomorrow led to the establishment of the FlockU. This is a company that allows you to make your point known while the message is still hot. FlockU was established in the year 2016 and has since then gained over 700,000 followers. It also has a 4 million web hits for the content that the company offers.

Josh Verne is currently the CEO and founder of FlockU. He has over 20 years of experience in entrepreneurship and commerce. He founded this platform to enable the sharing of content where people can read, share and watch all kind of content.
Before this venture, Josh Verne ( was known as the founder and CEO of He also served as the president of Home Line Furniture for 16 years. This was a family business that has its headquarters in Philadelphia. He served here from June 1995 to 2011.

Eric Pulier – A Role Model for Modern Entrepreneurs

Eric Pulier is among those rare class of entrepreneurs who have build companies based on the belief that the primary purpose of a company is to serve its shareholders. Believing in the humanitarian cause, Eric has helped form world-class organizations that continue to assist individuals across the globe.

In fact, Eric was different from others since his childhood. For instance, he programmed his first computer when he was in the fourth grade and started a database computer company, in high school. At Harvard, he broadened his knowledge by acquiring degrees in English and Literature.

Professional Career

After graduation, he founded, People Doing Things, a technology company, which helped address important healthcare and educational issues of the day. Just three years later, in 1994, he also founded Digital Evolution. Still, his most inspiring contributions is Starbright World. It is a private social network that helps children with chronic illness to chat, share ideas and communicate with each others. It is also notable that Eric Pulier also devised the first multimedia educational program for children with Multiple Sclerosis. Actually, he pioneered the idea of using the home computer to teach children about Multiple Sclerosis. Using an innovative device, users without sufficient motor control could answer questions and quizzes to learn about their condition.

Global Initiatives

In 2010, Eric was also honored by US Doctors for Africa where he was bestowed with gratitude and honors for bringing technical innovation to serve the healthcare needs of people living in Africa. In fact, Eric’s interest in healthcare also allowed him to oversee Presidential Technology Exhibition in Washington D.C, “The Bridge to 21st Century”. During the time, he also served as Senior Domestic Policy Advisor to the Vice President, Al Gore. Today, Eric actively participates in campaigns such as Clinton Global Initiative.

Recent Interests

Seeking his innovate ideas to combat important social problems, the board at the prestigious X-Prize Foundation asked him to advise on matter related to innovation. It is notable that X-Prize Foundation seeks to find solutions to some of the greatest challenges to humanity. Besides, Eric Pulier is also very active in serving Painted Turtle, a camp for kids with chronic illness.
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