Halvorssen Supports Sanders

Thor Halvorssen, the founder and president of the Human Rights Foundation, is widely recognized in the international community for his strong advocacy for the protection and promotion of human rights. In light of Halvorssen’s reputation for understanding the consequences of various economic policies on the protection of human rights, he was asked to be a guest on Fox Business Network’s show “The Intelligence Report with Trish Regan.” In the interview, Halvorssen breaks down some of the potentially serious pitfalls of socialist policies for the viewers so that they can understand some of the issues with the principles supported by Democratic Party presidential candidate U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders. Halvorssen warns that socialist policies in countries where the government is not adequately controlled with the proper checks and balances on its central powers in place, can lead to severe human rights violations. Halvorssen says this is because in socialist countries, the government can fix prices and control the distribution of resources. Without the balance of the free market at work, this can lead to resource shortages and humanitarian crises. Then, the socialist government essentially loots property and attempts to deal with the crisis by redistributing the private property of its own citizens.
Even though Halvorssen says he has serious concerns with the potential of socialist policies to lead to authoritarian regimes, he says he still supports Senator Sanders’ campaign for president. In fact, Halvorssen is so strong in his support of Senator Sanders for president that he gave the maximum individual contribution allowed under U.S. campaign finance law to Senator Sanders’ campaign.   Halvorssen thinks it is disgraceful and dangerous that Clinton would allow herself to be linked to or influenced by regimes who commit violence against their own citizens and do not value human life.

Nicki Minaj Pockets $2 Million of Angolan Taxpayers Money

The human rights watch is on the neck of US rapper Nicki Minaj after her controversial Christmas concert in Angola. Her performance for which she earned $2 million was sponsored by Unitel, a state-run telecom company. The country is headed by the dictator Dos Santos that has had an iron fist over the country’s leadership for the last 36 years.
This was in contradiction of her outspoken activism against racial injustices in America. Her performance reflected a double sided individual that fights injustices in one place while at the same time being part of social injustices committed against the people of Angola. Thor views her activism against injustices and support of education charities in the United Sates while playing a part to social exploitation of Angolans as sheer display hypocrisy.
The human rights movements base their argument on the fact that she accepted such an inflated pay from an agency run by the corrupt Dos Santos government. This was at the expense of the locals, most of whom live below the $2 a day poverty line with a life expectancy of just 52 years at birth. Her actions only served to legitimize the dictatorial and corrupt government and approve the humiliation of the Angolan nationals to her friends and legion of fans across the world that view her as more than an artist.
However, various scholars and notables from across the world hold a different opinion about the eradication of dictatorial governments. One that necessarily has little to do with international celebrities. They are of the opinion that, while international organizations can play a role in pushing for democracies through aids, the lot has to come from the individual country’s subjects. The only limitation to this remains if the activists are constantly killed and harassed by their respective governments.
About Thor Halvorssen
Thor is a film producer and a human rights activist. He has been a vocal human rights activist since 1989 when he was involved in staging the London human rights demonstrations that opposed the apartheid rule in South Africa. Thor has since been a member of various human rights groups across the United Kingdom where he has a permanent residence.
Halvorssen has risen to prominence as a human rights activist and the face of the Human Rights Foundation that he founded in 2005.  He is also regularly writing and holding discussions on various international media platforms including the Telegraph, New York Times, BBC, and CNN.