Securus Technologies Are Solving Problems

Securus Technologies is a large and successful provider of communications technologies for over 3,400 penal institutions, law enforcement agencies, and correctional establishments. The company serves over 1.2 million prisoners all over North America.


Securus offers the latest in phone technologies and services, with access from all phones, including Apple and Android smartphones, tablets and PCs. There are different forms of billing so the families and inmates can have discretion and limits on usage if they so wish. There is a prepaid debit feature which allows inmates the ability to pay for their phone usage.


There is a robust video call capability which is a great feature for inmates and families alike. One of the most difficult experiences is having a loved one become incarcerated because you suddenly lose that intimate contact and relationship that keeps families close over the years. So, just the installation of a webcam and signing onto the video service can alleviate that problem.


Another great feature is the ability to setup and uses a personal and secure email program. Email has become just as much of an important communication capability as any other method and is widely used. Having the email capability is a very popular communication feature that is embraced by inmates and their families.


The feature of jail voicemail is a great service because it is not always possible to catch people when you call due to busy and conflicting schedules. Having the ability to leave a message is appropriate and natural, just as it is on the outside of correctional institutions. The inmate is notified that they have a voicemail, and they can simply return the call.


The vast network of Securus communications covers the gamut of North American correctional institutions, and it has been shown that the availability of phones in many different formats has been a great help to families, inmates, and law enforcement.


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Securus Technologies has teamed up with JPay services to bring correctional calling features that will save customers time and money. Securus works closely with the Public Utility Commission to ensure that inmate calls are regulated by government standards. In fact, it is required that all inmate calls be monitored and go through proper surveillance for the safety of the public. You save money, get the full time limit of your call, and you never have to leave home to use some of their features. A recent PRN News article has named Securus Technologies one of the largest growing inmate calling providers in the world.

Securus Technology Features

JPay Merger

Securus has merged with Securus Technologies to bring customers an Advanced Pay feature that allows them to pay for their account over the phone. You never have to leave home or go through the hassle of trying to find an authorized agent. Located the Securus website and find the features that you need directly from their website and register today.

Video Calling

Video calling has become one of their most popular features because it allows them to make face-to-face calls over the internet. You can have control over the picture by adjusting the sound and the volume. They have a wonderful JPay feature that allows you to zoom in and out of the picture for more clarity. Securus has teamed up with Vimeo to bring customers this service.

Inmate Voicemail

Inmate voicemail gives inmates a personalized phone feature that they have access to from in the facility. When they have access to their telephone privileges they can check their messages. You can lease inmates a message to call you at a certain time and more.

You’re invited to visit the Securus website for more details and exclusive offers.

Securus Is A Helpful Company To All Inmates

Securus is a company that specializes in technology that is making jail more simple for all inmates. This technology consists of tablet like devices that all inmates have access to every day of the week. These devices contain a lot of memory and function at a rather high speed. Inmates even have the ability to get onto the World Wide Web with this device. This device contains many forms that inmates need during their time in jail. These forms include grievance slips, order forms, and so much more.

There are still people that have never used a computer, and some of these individuals are in jail today. However, they have nothing to worry about. Workers from the jail are trained in how to use these devices. They are also trained in how to teach inmates various ways to use the devices. Lawyers are also taught how to use these devices so they can help their clients.

If something ever goes wrong with one of these devices, there is nothing to fear. Inmates have the right to contact a representative from Securus either through the device or by phone. These representatives are available seven days a week and every single hour of the day. There are representatives that speak all languages, so no inmate should ever be afraid to contact this company.

Inmates can also have their family members create an account with Securus. When this happens, inmates can have their weekly visit right over the device. This is great during holidays or when inmates are far away from their family members. Securus is planning to push their technology even further. No one can tell where they are going to be five years from now. However, they plan to be a lot farther than they are right now, and they are happy so many jails are cooperating with their program.


Securus Technologies

Survey on Current Technology in Correctional Facilities

Securus Technologies a renowned provider in the industry of civil and criminal justice have indicated a desire by many correctional facilities to upgrade their technology and expand in services in 2016. This announcement comes after a national survey conducted on correctional institutions by Securus Technologies state of the art Technology center.

Securus Technologies specializes in providing immediate response, incident management, public information, investigation, biometric analysis, inmate communication, information management, inmate self-service and monitoring products that are meant to ease communication. The company deals in a very sensitive area of the society and is committed to developing state of the art technology that not only guarantees efficiency but precision.

The survey conducted by Securus Technologies indicates that more than 50% of correctional facilities are committed to updating their technology. The technological world is changing as each day passes with new discoveries being made. The statistics indicate that correctional facilities are alive to the fact that there is a need to keep up with the changing times. Failure to change would result to an ineffective system that is susceptible to attack by criminals.

Correctional Facilities are often faced with the hurdle of dealing with stringent budgetary allocations that do not leave room for technological advancements. This is despite the fact that correctional facilities play a vital role in society hence the need to furnish them with enough money that would allow them to run efficiently with technological advancements playing a key role in the smooth running of these institutions.

However, this situation is about to change with correctional facilities and related agencies set to automate operations. This will have the effect of freeing up the money allocated to operational costs thus increasing the cash flow. This will empower the agencies to buy the technology required.

Securus Technologies have recently developed a video visitation program that allows inmates to enjoy the privilege of having video chats with their family members and friends who can’t make it to visit them in prison.33% of the correctional facilities have included the acquisition of tablets to aid in this vital communication development.
In developing new technology, Securus embraces the need to promote the rights of inmates as well as those of innocent citizens who rely on their inmate phone calls platform to notify the police of any crime or nuisance in their surroundings. Their newest form of communication is video visitation which is performed by downloading the app and connecting it to the software on your mobile phone.

Securus Technologies is not a part of the supplement used to treat pain and anxiety called Securus nor is it affiliated with the agency site Securus America.