Go To FreedomPop, The Company That Is Changing The Face Of Wireless Services

When FreedomPop introduced a new concept to cell phone service by creating a free service for everyone, most people thought it wouldn’t last for so many years. With over five years of giving free cell phone service, FreedomPop has only made the service better by making the text messages unlimited and keeping the talk time at 200 minutes with 500 MB of data monthly. Those signing up for cell phone service from FreedomPop can go to the website to start their service, or it may be more convenient for the customer to go to a retailer instead.


FreedomPop has become popular enough to where they work with a lot of different retailers to bring their services to many different areas, so there is always someplace close enough for a customer to go to if they want to get cell phone service. It may be more convenient for some to sign up online, and anyone who needs a sim card from FreedomPop can also get it online to have it shipped out to them directly. The sim card is somewhat new to FreedomPop services because the company used to solely allow Sprint phones.


Since FreedomPop has now introduced GSM phones to their services and created a 3-in-1 sim card that can go in any type of cell phone that takes a sim card, any GSM phone that has the right software can be used with FreedomPop. Anyone with a GSM phone that is unlocked can now use it on FreedomPop’s network, but the cell phone must be unlocked from its previous carrier. Once a service plan is chosen, whether it’s the free service or a paid service, they can start using their phone.


The paid phone service from FreedomPop is $10.99 and comes with unlimited talk and text as well as 500 MB of data. FreedomPop has some creative ways to allow customers to earn the extra data they need for the free or paid plan by completing offers. Those who want constant Internet access without limits should get the unlimited everything plan that costs $19.99 and has unlimited talk, text, and 3G data, but there is also 1 GB of 4G data included. With so many different choices, FreedomPop has easily made themselves the first choice for many when it comes to wireless services, and a lot more information about all of these service are available in any FreedomPop review.

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