Kabbalah Centre: Teaching Servitude and Compassion

Founded in 1922, the Kabbalah Centre serves as a place to share spiritual teachings and wisdom. This non profit organization provides their students with the necessary tools to enhance the quality of their lives. By delivering principles that the student can apply to their daily lives, this organization has formed a unique presence in the realm of spiritual connection.

Rav Yashuda, the founder of the mystical centre, experienced a great calling from on- high. He had the desire to make the sacred principles available to everyone regardless of race, religion, or gender. Today a Kabbalah Centre can be found in over forty cities across the world.

The Kabbalah leaders make it a priority to spread their valuable principles even if there isn’t a center available in the member’s area. Educational material can be easily accessed through the web via online courses, videos, audio, and other platforms.

The organization offers monthly and weekly events where members can come together and share food, teachings, and experience the powerful transformative action of meditation. For those who cannot attend in person, these groundbreaking events can be accessed online.

Enjoy everything that is to be offered during the special tour and retreat getaways.

Travel to holy energy sites where great Kabbalists have taught or sacred texts like the Zohar was written. Experience the deep connection that can only be found during a particular time at the holy sites. Develop relationships with other followers and build lasting friendships.

Because Kabbalah principles encourage self-less giving, volunteer opportunities are available to members seeking a way to give to the community. Every year members strive to help their communities in ways such as feeding the homeless, cleaning beaches, and visiting hospitalized patients.

One on one teachings is available to students who may need extra support. The foundational structure of the organization depends on the success of the student body. Because of this, Kabbalah Centre takes every opportunity to equip their students with resources needed to succeed in their spiritual journey. Student mentors are strategically assigned to new members to ensure they are setup for success.

The Kabbalah Centre translates holy Kabbalistic text in more than thirty languages for scholars at all levels of awareness.