Eric Pulier – A Role Model for Modern Entrepreneurs

Eric Pulier is among those rare class of entrepreneurs who have build companies based on the belief that the primary purpose of a company is to serve its shareholders. Believing in the humanitarian cause, Eric has helped form world-class organizations that continue to assist individuals across the globe.

In fact, Eric was different from others since his childhood. For instance, he programmed his first computer when he was in the fourth grade and started a database computer company, in high school. At Harvard, he broadened his knowledge by acquiring degrees in English and Literature.

Professional Career

After graduation, he founded, People Doing Things, a technology company, which helped address important healthcare and educational issues of the day. Just three years later, in 1994, he also founded Digital Evolution. Still, his most inspiring contributions is Starbright World. It is a private social network that helps children with chronic illness to chat, share ideas and communicate with each others. It is also notable that Eric Pulier also devised the first multimedia educational program for children with Multiple Sclerosis. Actually, he pioneered the idea of using the home computer to teach children about Multiple Sclerosis. Using an innovative device, users without sufficient motor control could answer questions and quizzes to learn about their condition.

Global Initiatives

In 2010, Eric was also honored by US Doctors for Africa where he was bestowed with gratitude and honors for bringing technical innovation to serve the healthcare needs of people living in Africa. In fact, Eric’s interest in healthcare also allowed him to oversee Presidential Technology Exhibition in Washington D.C, “The Bridge to 21st Century”. During the time, he also served as Senior Domestic Policy Advisor to the Vice President, Al Gore. Today, Eric actively participates in campaigns such as Clinton Global Initiative.

Recent Interests

Seeking his innovate ideas to combat important social problems, the board at the prestigious X-Prize Foundation asked him to advise on matter related to innovation. It is notable that X-Prize Foundation seeks to find solutions to some of the greatest challenges to humanity. Besides, Eric Pulier is also very active in serving Painted Turtle, a camp for kids with chronic illness.
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Financial Professional Brad Reifler Explains the Truth Surrounding the New Film “Money Monster”

Lee Gates is a Wall Street expert who is known to pick hot stocks as a television show host known as Money Monster. Abruptly, when Lee was still on the air, a discontented investor Kyle Budwell enters onto the set and takes Lee, the hostage. He narrates that he has lost everything due to the guidelines given by Lee. As Lee Gates struggles to implore with the investor, he is as well making use of an earpiece to be in touch with his longtime producer in the control area.

Even though being a fictional film, Money Monster, reveals some truth concerning the wall street and the shortcomings that are faced by the startup investors. Unluckily, wall street concentrates mainly on wealthy qualified investors, and offers them with the capability to invest in assured opportunities constrained from investors who are not accredited. Brad Reifler is the president of Forefront Capital and has been concentrating in assisting the rich to get richer; he has diverted his focus to the Middle America, making it his duty to give the 99% with the equal investment prospects as the 1 %.

Three main problems faced small investors as explained by Bradley Reifle


This is one of the biggest problems on Wall Street, and the majority of companies ask for hushed sums of money as fees in spite of the performance of their portfolio.

Access to investment

In the recent years, investors are not accredited have been restricted to what investment they are permitted to take part in. certified investors are said to be sharper by the government and therefore they have the capability of investing in hedge funds, private equity and various private funds.

Stock market hazards

Because of the restricted investment opportunities imposed on non-certified investors, majority of the investments that are invested by non-accredited are mostly allied to the stock exchange.

With several years of experience as an investor and a capitalist, Brad Reifler has experienced achievement with many firms that are based in the U.S. after utilizing his early years working his way to success; he has now established Front Capital LLC effectively.

His specialized independent profession began in the 1980s the moment he established Reifler Trading Company. The company handled hundred million dollars in unlimited accounts and later on the company developed to information dissemination, institutional research, execution facilities, and international derivative advisory.  Follow Brad on Twitter for more.

How William Skelley is Taking the Real Estate Market by Storm

iFunding’s founder and CEO, William Skelley was recently included in the list young corporate executives who are tipped to take over the real estate scene. Dubbed by CrowdFundInsider the “Next Generation of Real Estate Leaders”, these are well-known gurus in real estate. They will have a get-together dinner at the Columbus Citizens Foundation building in New York. This will not only be a bonding session but will also give them a chance to exchange concepts about how the real estate scene can be improved.

The organizer of the dinner is Michael Stoler. He is a legendary figure in the property scene. Besides his role as Madison Realty Capital’s Managing Director, he is the brain behind popular television show, “The Stoler Report: NY’s Business Report”. The program is presently in its 15th season and is televised every week. It is used as a platform to highlight emerging issues and business trends in New York’s property market. The function will be an invite only banquet. Apart from Mr. Skelley, others in attendance will be drawn from some of the major real estate multinationals. These include Bank of America, Merrill Lynch, Kushner Companies, CIT, Cushman and Wakefield and Carlyle Group.

Skelley’s Television Debut

The occasion comes just a few weeks after Stoler invited Skelley to feature in the 16th episode of “The Stoler Report”. He will sit on a panel of specialists alongside Mr. Paul Braungart, who was pivotal in iFunding’s developmental stages. The pair will help shed light on emergent issues in the property market. Both are skilled entrepreneurs and have experienced success in their respective undertakings. Mr. Braungart is the founder and head of Regional Capital Group. He is iFunding’s former backer.

Important Notes about William Skelley

The New York and Boston resident is best known for coming up with the idea of real estate crowd funding, something William discusses on his iFunding blog. This involves bringing together nominees so that they can buy property en masse. This groundbreaking idea accords everyone a chance to own money spinning properties from as little as 5,000 dollars. His impeccable work ethic, diligence and dignity can be attributed to the long, winding path he has taken in his career. He is widely experienced, having held senior roles at Bain Capital, Olympus Corporation, General Electric and Rose Park Advisors. At the latter, he was a high-ranking partner.  Check out the iFunding Facebook for more, where William Skelley has even held a Question and Answer session with interested investors.

Survey on Current Technology in Correctional Facilities

Securus Technologies a renowned provider in the industry of civil and criminal justice have indicated a desire by many correctional facilities to upgrade their technology and expand in services in 2016. This announcement comes after a national survey conducted on correctional institutions by Securus Technologies state of the art Technology center.

Securus Technologies specializes in providing immediate response, incident management, public information, investigation, biometric analysis, inmate communication, information management, inmate self-service and monitoring products that are meant to ease communication. The company deals in a very sensitive area of the society and is committed to developing state of the art technology that not only guarantees efficiency but precision.

The survey conducted by Securus Technologies indicates that more than 50% of correctional facilities are committed to updating their technology. The technological world is changing as each day passes with new discoveries being made. The statistics indicate that correctional facilities are alive to the fact that there is a need to keep up with the changing times. Failure to change would result to an ineffective system that is susceptible to attack by criminals.

Correctional Facilities are often faced with the hurdle of dealing with stringent budgetary allocations that do not leave room for technological advancements. This is despite the fact that correctional facilities play a vital role in society hence the need to furnish them with enough money that would allow them to run efficiently with technological advancements playing a key role in the smooth running of these institutions.

However, this situation is about to change with correctional facilities and related agencies set to automate operations. This will have the effect of freeing up the money allocated to operational costs thus increasing the cash flow. This will empower the agencies to buy the technology required.

Securus Technologies have recently developed a video visitation program that allows inmates to enjoy the privilege of having video chats with their family members and friends who can’t make it to visit them in prison.33% of the correctional facilities have included the acquisition of tablets to aid in this vital communication development.
In developing new technology, Securus embraces the need to promote the rights of inmates as well as those of innocent citizens who rely on their inmate phone calls platform to notify the police of any crime or nuisance in their surroundings. Their newest form of communication is video visitation which is performed by downloading the app and connecting it to the software on your mobile phone.

Securus Technologies is not a part of the supplement used to treat pain and anxiety called Securus nor is it affiliated with the agency site Securus America.