ClassDojo Plans to Incorporate Premium Features, Which Parents and Teachers can pay to Use

Mrs. Rhodes has just started her third year of educating third grade as well as using ClassDojo, an application on her mobile phone that has redefined the way she delivers lessons to her students and how she keeps in touch with parents. She has noted that parents love when she uploads pictures of activities that are happening at school. Mrs. Rhodes is a teacher at BeI Aire School based in Tiburon, California. She enjoys reading comments from parents who keenly follow the events taking place in her class.


Since its full version went live in June 2011, ClassDojo app has swiftly spread throughout classrooms in the U.S and globally. Other than whiteboards, paper, and pencils, the mobile app is one of the few pieces of state-of-the-art technology that have become common in K-8 classrooms. In the U.S., over two-thirds of all K-8 schools have at least one educator who uses the app actively.  Read more blogs on


A brief description of the app


Aesthetically, ClassDojo resembles a dark lavender Facebook, comprised of teachers uploading pictures regarding their lessons and parents can like and comment. Last year, the app added a new feature similar to one found on Snapchat. The new feature is known as Student Stories, and it allows students to share their photos and videos concerning their experiences at school at the end of school day. Users do not need permission from anyone to download the ClassDojo app.  This site, has more for you


About ClassDojo: the Innovative Education Technology Platform


Formed in 2001 and situated in San Francisco, ClassDojo empowers teachers, parents, and students to establish incredible classroom communities. The app assists students to strengthen their social-emotional abilities while availing an easy way for educators to inform parents of events taking place during the school day by sending them video, picture, and messages. ClassDojo is one the education technology applications that is going through rapid growth. Around 90 percent of K-8 schools in the United States have adopted ClassDojo in their curriculum.


Functions of ClassDojo


ClassDojo creates an ideal study environment in which students can learn and grasp the content. Teachers can capitalize on the app to assist students in developing any virtue or skill. The app gives voice to students by allowing them to upload images or videos of concepts that they have learned and understood to their portfolios. ClassDojo involves parents in boosting the level of education through sharing of pictures and clips of exciting classroom moments.

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