Financial Professional Brad Reifler Explains the Truth Surrounding the New Film “Money Monster”

Lee Gates is a Wall Street expert who is known to pick hot stocks as a television show host known as Money Monster. Abruptly, when Lee was still on the air, a discontented investor Kyle Budwell enters onto the set and takes Lee, the hostage. He narrates that he has lost everything due to the guidelines given by Lee. As Lee Gates struggles to implore with the investor, he is as well making use of an earpiece to be in touch with his longtime producer in the control area.

Even though being a fictional film, Money Monster, reveals some truth concerning the wall street and the shortcomings that are faced by the startup investors. Unluckily, wall street concentrates mainly on wealthy qualified investors, and offers them with the capability to invest in assured opportunities constrained from investors who are not accredited. Brad Reifler is the president of Forefront Capital and has been concentrating in assisting the rich to get richer; he has diverted his focus to the Middle America, making it his duty to give the 99% with the equal investment prospects as the 1 %.

Three main problems faced small investors as explained by Bradley Reifle


This is one of the biggest problems on Wall Street, and the majority of companies ask for hushed sums of money as fees in spite of the performance of their portfolio.

Access to investment

In the recent years, investors are not accredited have been restricted to what investment they are permitted to take part in. certified investors are said to be sharper by the government and therefore they have the capability of investing in hedge funds, private equity and various private funds.

Stock market hazards

Because of the restricted investment opportunities imposed on non-certified investors, majority of the investments that are invested by non-accredited are mostly allied to the stock exchange.

With several years of experience as an investor and a capitalist, Brad Reifler has experienced achievement with many firms that are based in the U.S. after utilizing his early years working his way to success; he has now established Front Capital LLC effectively.

His specialized independent profession began in the 1980s the moment he established Reifler Trading Company. The company handled hundred million dollars in unlimited accounts and later on the company developed to information dissemination, institutional research, execution facilities, and international derivative advisory.  Follow Brad on Twitter for more.

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  1. Clooney and Lee attempt to protect themselves from being blown-up all the time trying to expose the truth behind this twisted web of deception. It implies that the brokers are getting wealthy in spite of the success of their customers; which is not right. It is actually getting out of hand for the essay writer has also remained the only thing people don’t know about.

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