Goettl Air Conditioning Returns to Las Vegas

According to a news article in 12 News Now, in a sign of returning prosperity, former HVAC icon Goettl Air Conditioning has returned to Las Vegas and Henderson, and a native from Las Vegas brought it.

Gust and Adam Goettl started the company up in 1939, and they brought it Las Vegas in 1968. Because of the recession, it left Nevada to focus on the market in Phoenix Arizona.However, during the forty years it served Las Vegas, one of its service technicians was Kenneth D. Goodrich’s father. When he was ten years old and growing up in Vegas, Goodrich remembers, he often went out on evening service calls with his father, holding the flashlight so his father could see. The boy enjoyed bonding with his father while helping out the customers, and vividly remembers the two things his father repeated:

When a customer needs help, you respond immediately.

Nothing comes close to the Goettl Iron Horse.

Goodrich grew up in the HVAC industry. When the opportunity arose to buy the Goettl Air Conditioning company in 2013, he jumped on it. “My dad believed in Goettl Air Conditioners, so I bought the company.” Now he is CEO.

At that time, the company was operating just in Arizona. However, still the hometown Las Vegas boy, he brought the Goettl name back to his hometown. And that’s good news for local HVAC technicians, because Goettl Air Conditioning plans on hiring 50 technicians in 2016, and 200 more in the two years following that.

Goodrich also said he planned on hiring veterans, and he didn’t want to just create jobs, but successful careers in the HVAC industry.

Inspired by his father, Goodrich has already created the J. Duncan Goodrich Air Conditioning Technology endowment fund. It goes along with his own Kenneth D. Goodrich CSN Post-9/11 Veteran HVAC scholarship fund. Nick Hughes, graduating in May, is the most recent recipient of this scholarship for veterans wishing a career in HVAC.

Now Goodrich wants his service technicians to have the training required to live up to the company motto, “Get it done right, the first time.”

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