Securus Technologies Are Solving Problems

Securus Technologies is a large and successful provider of communications technologies for over 3,400 penal institutions, law enforcement agencies, and correctional establishments. The company serves over 1.2 million prisoners all over North America.


Securus offers the latest in phone technologies and services, with access from all phones, including Apple and Android smartphones, tablets and PCs. There are different forms of billing so the families and inmates can have discretion and limits on usage if they so wish. There is a prepaid debit feature which allows inmates the ability to pay for their phone usage.


There is a robust video call capability which is a great feature for inmates and families alike. One of the most difficult experiences is having a loved one become incarcerated because you suddenly lose that intimate contact and relationship that keeps families close over the years. So, just the installation of a webcam and signing onto the video service can alleviate that problem.


Another great feature is the ability to setup and uses a personal and secure email program. Email has become just as much of an important communication capability as any other method and is widely used. Having the email capability is a very popular communication feature that is embraced by inmates and their families.


The feature of jail voicemail is a great service because it is not always possible to catch people when you call due to busy and conflicting schedules. Having the ability to leave a message is appropriate and natural, just as it is on the outside of correctional institutions. The inmate is notified that they have a voicemail, and they can simply return the call.


The vast network of Securus communications covers the gamut of North American correctional institutions, and it has been shown that the availability of phones in many different formats has been a great help to families, inmates, and law enforcement.


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